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October 7, 2019
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The Pros and Cons of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery uses smaller incisions and usually causes less harm to the body. This type of surgery causes less pain overall and provides a faster recovery period when used as treatment for a variety of spine conditions. Minimally invasive techniques can be used for procedures such as lumbar decompression and spinal fusion. Like any other medical procedure, minimally invasive spine surgery does have its advantages and disadvantages. Remember to speak to a specialist before making a decision, and be sure to consider the following pros and cons.



Minimally invasive spine surgery will bring about some advantages when compared to a standard surgical treatment. Since this procedure is achieved by performing the surgery through smaller incisions, it results in less pain and less possible complications overall. Some benefits of having a minimally invasive spine surgery include:

  • Less scarring
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Less soft tissue damage
  • Minimal pain during and post operatively
  • Faster recovery time



Similar to any other type of surgery, there are risks and complications patients need to be aware of. Before starting the procedure, your doctor will have a conversation with you about the possible complications surgery may bring about. A good surgeon will brief you on the measures necessary to help avoid potential risks. Some potential complications include:

  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Pseudarthrosis
  • It is more technical
  • Only a handful of surgeons have the expertise to perform the procedure


After having this procedure done, patients will need to follow the specific post-operative instructions provided by their surgeon. Post-surgical treatment may include some type of light physiotherapy and ample rest for a few days. Scheduling and attending follow-up appointments will be crucial to a speedy recovery. That way, your doctor is aware of your spine’s healing progress, and he or she can recommend next steps.

Although minimally invasive spine surgery does present a lot of benefits, it does not mean that it is more efficient or better than traditional surgical treatment. Your doctor will always know should be able to guide you through your journey to a healthy spine, as he or she can provide you with all possible treatment options. If you are suffering with a back injury or back pain, consult a specialist to get it checked. Contact Spine Solutions to get the medical expertise you need. To make an appointment with our team, call us at (954) 516-1187.


  1. My dad has been having trouble with his back and he thinks that it is because a disk or two is misaligned and he would really like to get it fixed. He is probably going to have surgery and he would really like to get it done by a professional with minimal invasiveness. It was interesting to learn about how he will have less scarring and minimal pain because of the reduced tissue damage and recovery time.

  2. My wife has been having a really hard time with her back and it is causing her a lot of problems and pain that might need surgery. She has been thinking about being more productive and more mobile by getting the surgery done by a professional so that it can be safer. I liked what you said about how she will have less scarring, tissue damage, pain, and infection while having a faster recovery time with minimally invasive surgery.

  3. I didn’t realize that you can do minimally invasive spine surgery. It is really nice to know that you can find a surgery that will leave less soft tissue damage. That does me like that would help your back in the long run. I know that I wouldn’t want to have a lot of scar tissue in my back if possible.

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